Quick View Plus 2020

#1 Desktop File Viewer for Business Productivity, eDiscovery, Native File Review, and Computer Forensics

Quick View Plus 2020 is built for productivity. View 300+ file formats without the need for the applications they were created in. Whether you're looking for a file viewer for your desktop or laptop, or need more advanced capabilities for eDiscovery, native file review, or computer forensics, Quick View Plus 2020 has everything you need.

*Annual subscription.

Improve Productivity

Quick View Plus 2020 provides one interface for searching, viewing, copying and printing nearly any file.  This single interface now includes redaction and annotation capabilities also.   QVP 2020 integrates easily with document management systems, review platforms, and litigation case management applications.

Advanced File Viewing

Quick View Plus 2020 views Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in a more realistic interactive grid view.  In addition, it delivers extended features for the additional 300+ formats supported,  including metadata view and search, command-line integration with third-party applications, Microsoft PowerPoint speaker notes and comments view, Microsoft Word track changes and hidden text view, hidden cells in spreadsheets view, and Microsoft Project Gantt chart viewing support.

Universal Information Access and Advanced Search

Quick View Plus 2020 provides access to over 300 file formats from nearly any source complete with native file formatting. Search any type of content as it was originally created. Search based upon text based searches, or find the right area of a document based upon the thumbnail view.

Reduce Software Licensing Expenses

Quick View Plus 2020 provides access to virtually any file format, even Microsoft Project files. Employees can view any information at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the native applications.

Want to Evaluate?

To request a fully-functional evaluation copy of Quick View Plus 2020,

Compatible Operating Systems:
Windows 10 (64- and 32-bit), Windows 8 (64- and 32-bit), Windows 7 (64- and 32-bit)

Want to integrate Quick View Plus into your software or third-party application?

Please contact us for complete details about the appropriate Quick View Plus product and licensing designed specifically for companies looking to leverage Quick View Plus with their own software or third-party applications.

  • View 300+ file formats
  • Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) support
  • Microsoft Excel interactive Grid View
  • File identification (with or without a file extension)
  • Thumbnails for quick access to content
  • Microsoft Project timeline and Gantt chart view
  • Annotate selected area or text
  • Redact selected area or text
Hidden Content
  • Metadata view
  • Hidden text view for Microsoft Word documents
  • Tracked changes view for Microsoft Word documents
  • Speaker notes and comments view for PowerPoint presentations
  • Hidden columns and rows view for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Search options, including hit highlighting and 'Auto Search'
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer integration
  • Windows Explorer and Preview Pane integration
  • Ability to run from a command line
Built-in utilities
  • Save any file as a PDF or TIFF
  • Built-in zip utility to create and extract zip files

(A) File navigation pane: Allows a user to easily navigate to files on a desktop or laptop. Toggle on/off.

(B) Metadata pane: Provides helpful information about the viewed file. Toggle on/off.

(C) Thumbnails pane: Shows small renditions of the pages in the viewed file. Toggle on/off.

(D) File view: Displays a high-quality view of the file. If hidden content is available in the document, such as the tracked changes content in the file shown, then it will be displayed (if enabled in Quick View Plus).

(E) Search: Searches for content within a viewed file. Auto-search option allows for quick searches from the file to file in the file navigation pane.

(F) File identification: Displays the name of the file format of the file viewed (even if the file format extension has been changed or removed).

Supported File Formats | PDF
  • Archive Formats

    Archive Formats

    ESTSoft ALZip 
    ESTSoft EGG 
    ISO Disk Image 
    Java Archive 
    Microsoft Cabinet 
    Microsoft Office Binder 
    RedHat Package Manager 
    Roshal Archive1.5, 2.0, 2.9, 5
    Roshal Archive (Multi-part) 
    GNU Zip0.1, 1.0
    ZipPKZip, WinZip
    Zip (Multi-part) 
  • Database Formats

    Database Formats

    dBASE3, 4
    dBASE III3, 4
    dBASE IV4
    Microsoft Access97 - 2016
  • Email and Messaging Formats

    Email and Messaging Formats

    Apple Mail 
    Encoded mail message (MHT) 
    Encoded mail message (Multipart Alternative) 
    Encoded mail message (Multipart Digest) 
    Encoded mail message (Multipart Mixed) 
    Encoded mail message (Multipart News Group) 
    Encoded mail message (Multipart Signed) 
    Encoded mail message (TNEF) 
    EML mail message 
    EudoraClassic 1-7, OSE
    Microsoft Outlook (MSG)97-2016
    Microsoft Outlook Forms Template 
    Microsoft Outlook (PST)97-2016
    Microsoft Outlook (OST)97-2016
    Sendmail MBOX 
    Thunderbird (MBOX)1, 1.5, 2.x, 3.x
  • Other Formats

    Other Formats

    Log file 
    Microsoft OneNote2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
    Microsoft Project (text only)98 - 2003, 2007, 2010, 2016
    Open Access II (OAII) 
  • Presentation Formats

    Presentation Formats

    Apple iWork Keynote5.x
    Hancom Office HanShow2010, 2014
    LibreOffice Presentation3, 4, 5
    Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows97-2016
    Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac1-4, 98, 2001, v. X, 2004, 2008, 2011
    Microsoft PowerPoint for Office 365 
    OpenOffice Impress1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x
    StarOffice Impress 38, 9
  • Raster Image Formats

    Raster Image Formats

    Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) 87a, 89a
    Microsoft Windows Bitmap
    PNG 1.0, 1.1., 1.2
    Progressive JPEG
    TIFF Revision 3.0-5.0
    WebP 0.4.2
  • Spreadsheet Formats

    Spreadsheet Formats

    Apple iWork Numbers2.x
    Framework SpecialistIII
    Hancom Office HanCell2010, 2014
    IBM Lotus Symphony Spreadsheet1.x, 3.x
    LibreOffice Spreadsheet3, 4, 5
    Lotus 1-2-3Through Millennium 9.6
    Microsoft Excel for Windows2.0-7.0 (Excel 95)
    Microsoft Excel for Windows1997 (v.8) – 2010, 2013, 2016
    Microsoft Excel for Windows2007-2016 (Binary)
    Microsoft Excel for Mac1, 1.5, 2.2., 3.0, 4.0, 5.0
    Microsoft Excel for Mac8.0 - 15.0
    Microsoft Excel for Office 365 
    Microsoft Works for DOS2
    Microsoft Works for Windows3, 4, 6, 7
    OpenOffice Calc1.1-4.x
    StarOffice Calc8, 9
  • Text and Markup Formats

    Text and Markup Formats

    ASCII text 
    ANSI text 
    HTML (text only) 
    HTML (codes revealed) 
    HTML (Metadata only) 
    IBM DCA 
    Microsoft HTML Help1.0, 1.1a, 1.3, 1.32, 1.33MAML
    Microsoft OneNote2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
    Rich Text Format1.0, 1.3, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9.1
    SGML text 
    Unicode UTF8 
    Unicode UTF16 (big e & little e) 
    Unicode UCS2 (big e & little e) 
    XMLDocument View
    XMLRecord View
  • Vector Image Formats

    Vector Image Formats

    AutoCAD Drawing (DWG)12, 13, 14, 2000, 2002, 2004 - 2010, 2012 - 2017
    AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) 
    Intergraph-Microstation CAD 
    Microsoft XPS 
    Microsoft Visio4.0 - 2013
    Microsoft Visio (.VDX, .VSDX)10.0 - 2016
    Windows Enhanced Metafile 
    Windows Metafile 
  • Word Processing and General Office Formats

    Word Processing and General Office Formats

    Adobe PDF1.0-1.7 (Extension 3, 5) (Acrobat 1-11)
    AmiPro for Windows 
    Apple iWork Pages4.x
    Framework WP 
    Hangul (>v3) 
    IBM DisplayWrite4-5
    IBM Lotus Symphony Document1.x, 3.x
    JustSystems Ichitaro 
    LibreOffice Document3, 4, 5
    Lotus Manuscript1.0, 2.x
    Mass 118
    Microsoft Word for DOS4.0-6.0
    Microsoft Word for Windows1.0-2016
    Microsoft Word for Mac1-5, 5.1, 6
    Microsoft Word for Mac98, 2001, v. X, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2016
    MultiMateThrough 4.0
    Multimate Advantage 
    OpenOffice Writer1.1-4.x
    Professional Write for DOS1, 2
    Professional Write Plus for Windows1
    Q&A Write3, 4 (Classic), 5
    StarOffice Writer8, 9
    Wang IWP 
    Wang WP Plus 
    Windows Write 
    WordPerfect for DOS3, 4, 5, 6
    WordPerfect for Macintosh1.0-1.0.7, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 3.5, 3.5e
    WordPerfect for Windows5.1-12.0, X3 - X8
    Wordstar 2000 for DOS01/03/11
    Wordstar for DOS3.x-7
    Wordstar for Windows1
    XYWriteI-III+, 4.0, Windows

Want to Evaluate?

To request a fully-functional evaluation copy of Quick View Plus 2020,

Compatible Operating Systems:
Windows 10 (64- and 32-bit) 
Windows 8 (64- and 32-bit) 
Windows 7 (64- and 32-bit) 

64-bit Integrations
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Outlook 2010 - 2019
Microsoft Windows Explorer

32-bit Integrations
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Outlook 2010 - 2019
Microsoft Explorer

Adobe Acrobat

Required Disk Space
120 MB

Technical Support

If you have questions regarding Quick View Plus, please contact Avantstar Technical Support:

Call Toll-Free (877) 829-7325 (8am to 5pm CST)
Email support@avantstar.com

Frequently Asked Questions: Quick View Plus

What is my serial number?

Quick View Plus requires a license key to be entered during the installation process. Your license key or serial number will be sent to you with your order details. When activating your license no personal or private data is collected, as stated in our privacy statement (see below).

Quick View Plus Privacy Statement
Installation of this software requires activation. The activation process will associate the hardware on which the software is installed with the serial number that was provided at the time of purchase. The terms of your purchase agreement will state how many times the serial number may be used for activation.

The activation process does not collect any personal information. It only creates a unique hardware identification of the PC where the software is installed.

If you uninstall the software, you may be required to activate the software again.

The information collected during the activation process is used solely for the purpose of enforcing our license policy related to the software.

Are updates (and new version releases) included in a Quick View Plus subscription?

Customers with a Quick View Plus 2020 subscription will be notified via e-mail when any updates to the program are available. Any updates (or new version releases) are included at no additional charge as part of the annual subscription.

Are there any requirements to run Quick View Plus?

Quick View Plus requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 and the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package.

If you do not have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your computer, you will be prompted to download and install it. 

Can I try Quick View Plus for free?

If you would like to try Quick View Plus, please contact us at (877) 829-7325 or sales@avantstar.com for more information.

What operating systems does Quick View Plus support?

Quick View Plus is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Note: Quick View Plus does not support Microsoft Edge, the new web browser included with Windows 10. Quick View Plus does continue to support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 that is also included with Windows 10.

What's new in Quick View Plus 2020?

There are numerous new features and enhancements to Quick View Plus. Click here for an overview list.

How many file formats does Quick View Plus support?

Quick View Plus supports more than 300 file formats. For a complete list, visit Specifications

Why doesn’t Quick View Plus integrate with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?

Google has removed NPAPI support from Google Chrome. Mozilla has removed plugin support from Mozilla Firefox. As such, Quick View Plus will no longer integrate with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Quick View Plus continues to support integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Why doesn’t the integration with Internet Explorer seem to be functioning correctly?

You want to match up the bit version of Quick View Plus (32-bit or 64-bit) with the bit version of the application you are integrating with. As the default version of Internet Explorer that launches is the 32-bit version, you will want to install the 32-bit version of Quick View Plus to establish the integration.

Quick View Plus 64-bit would be used if you are integrating with the 64-bit Internet Explorer (not common). Quick View Plus browser integration supports Internet Explorer 11.

Can I use Quick View Plus in conjunction with a third-party program?

Yes, please contact us at (877) 829-7325 or sales@avantstar.com for complete details.

How can I move my license to another system?

If you have a system that is no longer using Quick View Plus and you wish to reclaim your license, simply perform an uninstall. The last step in the uninstall process will connect and return your license back to your pool for redistribution.

How do I reclaim my license if something happens to my computer?

In the event of a hard drive crash or similar event where you no longer have access to the computer or otherwise unable to uninstall Quick View Plus to release your license, please contact support@avantstar.com and include your serial number and the cause for the license loss. They can work with you to manually return your license.

Why do I get an error message when I try to activate my copy of Quick View Plus?

  • Verify that you have an active internet connection and that you are running the installation/activation with an account that has local administrator rights.
  • Verify that you are using your current serial number and entering it exactly as given (including dashes).
  • If you have a company firewall or proxy server, please contact support@avantstar.com for IP and port information to whitelist the Avantstar activation site.
  • If you have reached your license count maximum, you can uninstall Quick View Plus from unused machines to reclaim licenses.
  • If you are using Quick View Plus integrated with a third party solution. It is recommended to activate Quick View Plus by launching Quick View Plus itself as a standalone application or during the setup/installation.

Why do I get prompted for activation via my Internet Explorer integration?

Internet Explorer’s Protected Mode is a security feature that will block Quick View Plus from being able to see the validated activation on your system. You can either disable Protected Mode or add the site you are accessing to the list of Trusted Sites (where Protected Mode is disabled by default).
To test to see if this setting may be affecting your activation in such a way, try launching Quick View Plus as a standalone application outside of the browser. If it launches and runs without prompting for activation it should be valid, the browser security feature is likely blocking it when running through the Internet Explorer integration.

Can the activation be done as part of a network scripted deployment?

Yes, the basic steps for setting up the scripted deployment with the serial number are:

  • First run the primary Quick View Plus executable.
  • Choose the “Unpack Scripted Deployment Files” option. This will extract the necessary setup files to a location on your deployment server.
  • Create a configuration file and place it in the setup directory. A sample copy of a configuration file “Sample_Setup.cfg” will be unpacked to the directory specified above. Simply edit it and enter your serial number where noted. Then save/rename your edited configuration file to ‘setup.cfg’ and place it in the same setup directory for use.
  • Then call the setup executable and pass the configuration file to perform the installation and activation with the serial number. (Ex. C:\qvp32sng\setup.exe setup.cfg).
  • You may use other switches, such as the -s switch to have it do a silent install if you like (ex. C:\qvp32sng\setup.exe setup.cfg -s)
  • A copy of the Administrator’s Notes ‘admin.pdf’ will also be unpacked to the setup directory that contains full details on scripted deployment options.

Individual/Small Business

Purchase Quick View Plus 2020 from our software store for quantities up to 50 licenses:

One license

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Quick View Plus 2020 requires an annual subscription. As a result, upgrades from previous versions are not available.

Enterprise Licensing

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