Work smarter and more responsively

Do you need to drive down desktop image costs? Does your content exist in a variety of formats? Around the world, government agencies are stepping up to these challenges with Avantstar.

Industry Advantage

Save money with file viewing software
Quick View Plus can view content from more than 300 different programs and saves your government agency the considerable expense of buying unnecessary programs just to view content. A government organization with 1000 employees could save well over $250,000 in software licensing costs. And when you standardize on Quick View Plus as your file viewing program, you’re protected from damaging macro viruses.

More cost savings and advanced features with Quick View Plus
Quick View Plus features include advanced search and metadata viewing, command-line integration with third-party applications, and Microsoft Project Gantt chart viewing support. The cost savings from the ability to view Gantt chart information can be significant for many organizations.

Product Overview

  • Views files with original formatting in more than 300 formats
  • Eliminate spending on unnecessary software