The Ultimate Tool for Native File Review

Used by thousands of legal professionals every day, Quick View Plus lets you view virtually any file in its native format without native applications. Users and reviewers call it indispensable in eDiscovery, legal review, and computer forensics.

Industry Advantage

“There are a number of ways that legal professionals can utilize Quick View view files.The program is fast. You can be reading a document in Quick View Plus before your word processor finishes starting up. Avantstar's viewer lets you view odd files such as dBase databases or Adobe Illustrator files which usually require extra (and expensive) software. Quick View Plus can also be instrumental in a litigation document review. Lawyers can view documents without modifying the content or metadata of files.”

- Law Technology News

Product Overview

Streamline eDiscovery
Quick View Plus is recommended by leading litigation case management and eDiscovery software developers. It allows you to natively view Electronic Stored Information (ESI) in virtually any format you’ll ever encounter for the ultimate efficiency in legal tasks. Downloads, e-mails, legacy formats – Quick View Plus handles virtually all of them.

Provide Markup to your documents under review
Quick View Plus now allows for adding area and text annotations and redactions to viewed files.  Once markup is applied to a viewed file, it can be printed or saved out as a final form PDF or TIFF.

View content as it was meant to be seen
Quick View Plus accurately displays fonts, text formatting and graphics. It also displays nearly 100 types of metadata, track changes view for Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint speaker notes and more. Quick View Plus also maintains links within documents and email messages. Reviewers see content as it was originally created and meant to be seen.

Search entire file collections automatically
Quick View Plus makes searching large numbers of files fast and easy. Settings allow you to see individual hits or highlight all hits at once. Metadata can be searched as easily as text.

The perfect EDRM solution
Quick View Plus supports critical phases of eDiscovery workflow and provides the perfect way to use the Electronic Discovery Reference Model to identify, preserve, collect, review and produce ESI content.

Seamless integration with other legal applications
Quick View Plus offers a seamless way to interact with other programs. It easily integrates with third party applications via browser integration or from a command line. Quick View Plus works in conjunction with litigation case management and eDiscovery applications to view native documents or assist in rendering content as TIFFs or PDFs. Leading software developers already use Quick View Plus in their eDiscovery and case management solutions.