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Avantstar Introduces Quick View Plus® 2020

The world's leading desktop file viewer now features Markup capabilities along with additional productivity enhancements certain to deliver more value than ever before. 

MINNETONKA, Minn. (January 17, 2020) — Avantstar is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Quick View Plus 2020. Business professionals who need quick and easy access to content in virtually any file can do so with Quick View Plus 2020, while now being able to markup and save annotations and redactions of that content.
Quick View Plus 2020 continues on the new technology platform previously introduced with QVP 2017. While it still delivers on its core value proposition to view numerous file formats without the native applications they were created in, Quick View Plus 2020 increases productivity with helpful new features such as area and text annotation and redaction, Excel interactive grid view, and Windows Explorer Preview Pane integration.
QVP 2020 continues to offer the thumbnails view of pages to easily locate content in a file, the ability to save any viewed file as a PDF or TIFF, as well as support for the integrations and file formats that were previously available.
“Our new Quick View Plus 2020 offering continues the Avantstar strategy to bring all the content in your documents into a high-fidelity, native format rendering – including the hidden information contained within. This includes hidden rows and columns in our new Excel interactive grid view feature. And we have now brought the markup capabilities previously found in our HTML-5 web-based solution QVP Web 3.0 to the desktop version of QVP – Quick View Plus 2020. We‘ve kept the best attributes of our previous QVP offerings, and have expanded the overall capabilities of Quick View Plus for an enhanced customer experience” said Patrick Bray, co-founder and president, Avantstar.
If Quick View Plus 2020 is deployed at an enterprise, network administrators can configure options for all of an organization’s users during software deployment, to save time and give everyone the ability to view virtually any file.
Quick View Plus 2020 supports more than 300 different file formats, including Microsoft Word 2016, Microsoft Excel 2016, Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, Microsoft Word for Office 365, Microsoft Excel for Office 365, and Microsoft PowerPoint for Office 365.
Quick View Plus 2020 is available directly from Avantstar. Annual subscription pricing begins at $99 per individual non-concurrent user. Quantities up to 50 can be purchased from Avantstar’s website at
An evaluation version is available upon request. Quick View Plus 2020 is available for Windows 10, 8, and 7. For more information, visit, call (877) 829-7325, or e-mail
About Avantstar, Inc. ( Avantstar is home to the world’s most recognized desktop file-viewing program—Quick View Plus. It is also home to Quick View Plus Web 3.0, an HTML5-based viewing and markup solution for integration with platforms and web applications. Since 2001, Avantstar has been focused on solving digital content viewing challenges faced by businesses, government agencies, and legal organizations throughout the world. Thousands of companies and millions of individual users worldwide rely on Avantstar’s products to reduce licensing costs on unnecessary software programs to view files. The company serves customers from its headquarters in Minnetonka, Minn. For more information, go to
Media contact: Pete Rockers, Avantstar, , 952.351.8500

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