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“There are a number of ways that legal professionals can utilize Quick View Plus 12 Professional to view files.The program is fast. You can be reading a document in Quick View Plus before your word processor finishes starting up. Avantstar's viewer lets you view odd files such as dBase databases or Adobe Illustrator files which usually require extra (and expensive) software. Quick View Plus can also be instrumental in a litigation document review. Lawyers can view documents without modifying the content or metadata of files.”

Law Technology News

“If you regularly review client files in digital format, Quick View Plus [Professional Edition] will quickly justify the cost to open and review files without their native application.”

Law Technology News

" We were really impressed with this program and can imagine myriad ways it will be useful."

Smart Computing
“When a client walks into your office with electronically stored information, do you have the wherewithal to review the files without taking heroic measures that transform or reformat them? As more and more information is created and maintained in digital format, viewing client files quickly and efficiently without licensing a multitude of applications requires a file viewer like Avantstar's Quick View Plus…
Law Technology News

“Make no mistake about it, Quick View Plus Standard is a nifty little file-viewing utility for business users. It allows easy viewing--without having to open the originating program--of literally hundreds of file types, including word processing docs, spreadsheets, databases, and even compressed file archives produced by a myriad of programs, both new and old. The list is impressive…”

PC World

"You can save your money for the software you need for intensive work and use Quick View Plus to view the rest."  Value: A+

Government Computer News

Verdict:  "QVP is an essential file viewing, copying and printing utility that should be in the software arsenal of every busy legal professional, offering great value at a low price.”

Legal Assistant Today

“Avantstar’s Quick View Plus 10 lets you view files created in old apps or apps you don’t own. Quick View Plus supports more than 300 file formats, from Microsoft Word to QuattroPro for DOS — it’s unlikely you’ll find an old file that Quick View Plus can’t read.”

Smart Computing

“Obviously, the main purpose of a file viewer application is to view files, and our Test Center reviewers found Quick View Plus lives up to that promise. It was able to almost instantaneously open every file type we threw at it.


“If you’re a business user looking for an easy way to preview spreadsheets, word processing documents, presentation, or databases without firing up the corresponding program, then Quick View Plus 10 is what you’re looking for. …it can be worth its weight in gold …

"4 out of 5 stars."

PC Magazine

“...we like Quick View Plus. It's easy to use, supports hundreds of file formats, and lets you open files without exposing potentially malicious macros.  Rating: 9 out of 10.”

Verdict: “ Quick View Plus should be in every attorney’s software toolkit. It serves as a Rosetta Stone for virtually any software format an attorney encounters from downloads and e-mail attachments, to legacy formats from obsolete computer systems.”

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