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Web Content Management At a Fraction of The Cost

Think web content management software is too expensive? Still updating websites manually? Metro changes everything. Now you can get a comprehensive solution at a fraction of the price of costly enterprise-level systems.

Start Using Metro Now

Metro doesn’t require development resources for installation and use. In fact, it’s ready for work right out of the box. You can prototype a new site within a day, or recreate the look and feel of an existing site within a few hours.

Designed for Users, Not IT

Non-technical users can create and change Web site content quickly and easily, customize the look and feel of sites with a click, or reorganize pages anywhere on your site at any time. But Metro security controls site access and ensures that only approved content changes are posted.

Manage Multiple Sites

Metro can manage multiple websites, enabling you to ensure consistent branding across multiple sites and easily share content between sites. Built-in applications allow organizations to implement new site functionality quickly.

Automates Manual Tasks

Navigation menus are automatically generated by Metro, which eliminates broken links. And scheduled publishing makes content updates when you want them.

Advanced Features

Metro works well in heterogeneous network environments and easily handles content and applications from other systems, such as .Net. Other features include syndication capabilities to load RSS content from other sites or to syndicate your own content.