A new era of Quick View Plus is here.

Built on HTML5, Quick View Plus Web 2017 will view files in a web browser without the need for desktop-based software. It integrates with eDiscovery and review platforms. And Quick View Plus can display metadata and "hidden" content, making extra information in files visible.

Quick View Plus 13 Professional Edition

#1 Choice for eDiscovery and Native File Review.

Used by legal professionals worldwide, including over 80% of the top 100 largest law firms in the U.S., Quick View Plus 13 Professional Edition enables viewing of the broadest range of file types, including metadata and hidden content.

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Reviews and Awards

“Quick View Plus can also be instrumental in a litigation document review. Lawyers can view documents without modifying the content or metadata of files.”

Law Technology News

“If you regularly review client files in digital format, Quick View Plus [Professional Edition] will quickly justify the cost to open and review files without their native application.”

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Businesses, government agencies and legal organizations around the world use Avantstar products to tackle tough content viewing challenges.

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Now Available: Quick View Plus Web

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